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faq - Botswork


Do users need to familiarize themselves with BotsWork?

Users of ready to use BotsWork Automation Solutions usually do not need any training or introduction at all. Our runtime environment (that is the software application that runs bots) can work completely invisibly for the user in the background. In addition, each bot can run directly by clicking on an appropriate desktop shortcut.

Is BotsWork for free?

Much is actually free. However, it is clear that only an efficient, economical and reliable automation platform will prevail. Immense costs incur developing and maintaining the platform, providing suitable documentations, delivering support for new users and running the BotsWork web community. We forward this kind of costs to those who really save money by automating tasks with our technology. It is absolutely fair when the users of our software give us a small portion of their savings so that we can maintain our offer in the long term. We promise that we will keep this proportion as small as possible. This amount is currently 200 Euros per computer on which the BotsWork software runs productively. Test and development accounts are of course free of charge.

Why do we have a .ORG domain?

Our main goal is to establish the automation of repetitive work as quickly and standardized as possible. For us it is particularly important to create a platform that ensures an intensive exchange of knowledge and software solutions. Our main goal is to provide a suitable automation platform. We also see the organization of such a platform as an important task for us.

Why does BotsWork support the exchange of experiences and software (bots)?

Through intensive exchange of experience and software, everyone can get to their destination faster and cheaper. This kind of optimization is usually not really desired by providers. They and/or their business partners live on services for creation, commissioning and maintenance of automation solutions. BotsWork puts an end to this waste and wants automation to pay off in as many places as possible.

What are virtual addresses good for?

With virtual addresses, a decoupling takes place between the bots software and the specific objects or data that the bots access. In most cases there is no need for software changes when the underlying objects or data addresses change. A simple reconfiguration of the related bot is sufficient.

What kind of technology can be used to develop BotsWork solutions?

With Microsoft Visual Studio and the programming languages ​​VB.NET and C#.NET, we are currently using one of the most widely used technologies. It is supported by a huge number of inexpensive and experienced software developers.

Other manufacturers have graphical editors to create bots. Isn’t that much better?

No – reasons are: If you have to automate an easy task, the implementation is easy to implement anyway, regardless of whether using Visual Basic or a graphical editor. But if you have to automate a more complicated task, the graphic programming quickly becomes confusing, if not impossible. Developers therefore often have to familiarize themselves with both, the graphic editor and a proprietary programming language that has so far been little used.