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What are “bots”?

Similar to a robot, a bot also does repetitive work for humans. In contrast to a robot, which has software and hardware parts, a bot consists only of software. The term bot has become common for automation software that automates computer work (often referred to here as an automation solution). Our bots are all based on the same format and...

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation can be imagined as a kind of software robot (bot) that operates existing programs instead of humans . Its definition determines where and under what circumstances it clicks, reads or enters something . There are a number of providers for this technology . Dummerweise sind deren Systeme aber in der Regel recht teuer . Their use is not profitable in many...

How is digitization becoming a reality for you today?

A lot of what humans have done manually up to now will be automated in the future. Pretty much everyone says that. But how do you get there today? Our BotsWork– platform helps recurring Automate work on the computer or support it with assistance functions. . In this way, projects can be completed faster, cheaper and more reliably . Since it enables very economical automation solutions, its...

How does the technical solution work?

Our Automation solutions are in In the form of software robots (bots). These bots rely on common, standardized, format defined by us and are about a uniform runtime environment "BotsWork Runtime" (free Windows application) executable. bots can be used on employee computers as well as on computers in the background to run. Worked on independently in the background assistance systems are based on direct collaboration with instructed to humans...