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Areas of application

The areas of application are almost as diverse as the possible uses of the computer itself. Mass data processing, data extraction, assistance systems, emails, data exchange, document creation, file management, PDF generation and manipulation, filling out forms, change monitoring and the creation of product configurations are the first examples of this.

In general, there are two types of use:

Automated, independent execution of recurring tasks
These are tasks that are always relatively the same. These are tiring and monotonous for people, so mistakes can easily occur. Automation can save personnel costs and achieve a higher work speed with lower error rates. In addition, employees are generally very grateful to be relieved of these tedious tasks.

Assistance system to support the execution of tasks
This is particularly useful for task complexes that contain both recurring, automatable parts as well as demanding, manually executable parts. The assistance system recognizes and visualizes the current status, prompts for data, offers recommendations for action and automates tedious, recurring parts of the task just-in-time. The monitoring, instructing and supporting effect accelerates, reduces errors, standardizes and trains colleagues.

Who is it for?

Our customers are in almost all industries. You are tired of spending a lot of money on recurring routine work on the computer and still struggling with delays and errors. We help automate this work or support it with assistance functions. In this way, projects can be completed faster, cheaper and more reliably.

Our innovative BotsWork platform enables very economical automation solutions. Automation often pays off even in very small areas of application.

Example: Munich toy auction

“We created our auction catalogs manually for many years. This was always associated with a lot of stress – mistakes also crept in with this monotonous work.

Since BotsWork relieved us of this tedious work, the labor-intensive time before the auctions has relaxed considerably for us.

We create images for each item and record the associated description texts via our auction program. BotsWork uses the “Excel” and “Publisher” applications to generate the finished catalog in a few minutes, as if by magic.

In the meantime, BotsWork even helps with the trimming of images and recently we also recognized an optimization potential for sending emails.

Because of the enormous saving of time, money and nerves, BotsWork has become an integral part of our processes! ”

(Managing Director: Christian Wrede)