Our Approach

  • Automation of all repetitive computer tasks
  • Build on proven but freely available technologies and refine them into easy-to-use features
  • Low prices due to a high share of open source
  • Support of our customers by a powerful team
  • Offer prefabricated solution concepts and powerful features free of charge
  • Reuse wherever possible
  • Forcing cooperation with and between end users

Tour through BotsWork platform:

Customers and areas of application

  • Our customers can be found in almost all industries. They are tired of spending a lot of money on recurring routine work on the computer and yet they are always struggling with delays and errors

  • We help to automate this work or support it with assistance functions. In this way, projects can be completed faster, cheaper and more reliably.

  • Our innovative BotsWork platform enables very economical automation solutions. So automation pays off even in very small application areas.


MS Office

Automation of Microsoft Word, Excel and Publisher on Windows via API


Functions to send and receive emails via Outlook

Windows RPA

Automation of other Windows applications through Win RPA

Mix of technologies

Easy to mix BotsWork functions and established Windows, Internet and Semantic Web functions


Automation of almost all web applications through Web RPA

Adress- Editor

Bot configuration editor to define and maintain addresses on data and objects easily


Functions to monitor and use keyboard and mouse

Runtime Environment

Comfortable runtime engine to execute bots (roles, rights, log entries, …)


Community platform to exchange knowledge, code examples, and solutions (under construction)

SAP Automation

Recurring tasks (reporting, data exchange, …)

Your Benefits

  • Transparent business model with focus on cost savings and collaboration
  • Endless licenses instead of license terms, one-off € 200 per computer
  • No additional costs for bots usage
  • You can develop your automation solutions yourself – we support where necessary
  • Free of charge:
    Develop, try out, test and configure
  • Configuration and runtime environment
  • Use of our community platform
  • Almost all existing bots

Riskless Introductory Offer

Without any obligation on your part, we look at your application and implement an initial solution for you. You only pay if you are satisfied!

  • Discussing your application together
  • We go into advance performance and realize your automation solution
  • You will receive a test version and information how much the full version would cost
  • Now you can test up to three months – free of charge
  • You only pay if you are satisfied and want to use the solution productively. Otherwise the version will become unusable after three months.
  • As soon as you have paid, you will receive the corresponding number of licenses (order value/1000), the source code of the solution and a version that can be used permanently.

It pays to be fast: This offer is only valid as long as our resources allow!

Do you want to get started right away and don’t need any support for developing bots?


Feel free to contact us